‘Like that look’ you’re going to love it.

We simply like too many things to keep to ourselves!   We have meeting after meeting exchanging ideas, coming up with new concepts and designs  – too many to keep up with really.  So this blog is not only a creative source for you, but it is a chronicle of ideas from the team at Red Velvet Events (so we can keep track in a nice and orderly way!)

The looks we like will include fashion, decor, weddings and just some plain old cool stuff!

So let’s get started…

ETSY.COM –  is our wonderland for finding cool things.  It is essentially a marketplace for people to buy and sell their handmade goods (but it isn’t crappy stuff!) – you can find vintage pieces, unique art and craft wares, jewellery, weddingy things as well as fashion pieces. I’m sorry my description just hasn’t done it justice – just get on the website and have a look. 🙂

Mason Jar LightingVintage Style Party GarlandNursery Bunnies - Vintage Print


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