Kids Birthday Parties for Smarties

The ‘mums’ on the team are always trying to find unique and fun ideas for their kids birthday parties that doesn’t include a trip to McDonalds and being Event Planners we definitely feel we get a little scrutinised on every detail – by the kids and their mates!   The fact is that kids birthday parties are fast becoming a pain in the ‘ahem’ … Gone are the days where a packet of cheezles were ripped open and the fairy bread was ooohed and aaahed at by all – oh and don’t forget the Ice-cream cake from Coles.  These kids and their guests want quality food (thanks very much Masterchef) and the decor needs to more than a pack of 20 balloons strung up with sticky tape.  So, this post is here to help parents find some inspiration to impress your kids and yourself!

Note: We found most of these ideas on Pintereset and Etsy and is a bit of an ecclectic mix.  We will work on some focus theme posts to put up at a later date.

Oreo Pops - too easy! Ribbon TentYou can make these Garlands yourself


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