My Disco Diva

My little ‘Disco Diva’ is turning 8 this year and it’s going to be a biggy!  The list of guests has been written, she has chosen the theme, theme colours and even picked out the outfit.  We have now been sitting here all morning ‘googling’ ideas and getting quite excited.  So this page is Miss 7’s (almost 8) first party planning attempt, and I must say I’m quite proud of her style, and I most definitely “like her look”!

1. Party Theme – Disco Diva! – So she wants the room to have cool lighting, so we are going to buy one of those cheap lighting effect machines – I’m sure we will use it again…:)

Disco Lighting

2.  A bit of fun DIY – We have to have a disco ball – so we found this image on pinterest – it’s going to get messy.

Pinned Image


Pinned Image  I love the idea of just scattering glittery confetti all over the floor.  – I’ll teach her to vacuum it up after the party 🙂

4.  Dress ups – She thought that the key to the party theme is in what people wear.  So we are heading to the ‘cheapo shop’ to get some glittery hats, funky glasses and feather boas.

5.  FOOD! – Thankfully she wants an Ice cream cake from Coles – yay! But we do need to do a disco themed table of yummies – like this – but not as FULL ON!

It’s party time!


The great outdoors

We just love styling events for kids.   It is so much fun creating a fun and whimsical event be it for a Christening, Naming Ceremony or 1st Birthday parties..  Our latest event is for a little girls Christening with an aim to make the party outdoors.  We have been able to create a look that seems like it is set out on a farm, but can so easily be re-created in any suburban backyard.  Most of the items you see are so easy to DIY too.

Hay bale seating – DIY Bib bunting – Invitation – Photo booth – Pinwheels – Outdoor buffet

Add some pizazz to your drink!

When styling your wedding or event you want to make sure that your theme flows seamlessly.  You want to create an environment that has a great atmosphere, and a point of difference, something that your guests will never forget.  A great way to get that ‘something special’ is to tizzy up your drinks area. Everything from the bar, drinks containers, glasses and flavours can be customised to fit into your styling.  It’s so much fun creating a signature drink/cocktail for your event too.

See below for a few pics of a recent style look we created for a client whose wedding theme was industrial shabby chic.

Cocktails in mason jars served at the Lemonade stand –  Drinks holder – Industrial drinks container – Ecclectic mix of glass bottled soda – Paper lantern warmth

Cocktail hour

Kids Birthday Parties for Smarties

The ‘mums’ on the team are always trying to find unique and fun ideas for their kids birthday parties that doesn’t include a trip to McDonalds and being Event Planners we definitely feel we get a little scrutinised on every detail – by the kids and their mates!   The fact is that kids birthday parties are fast becoming a pain in the ‘ahem’ … Gone are the days where a packet of cheezles were ripped open and the fairy bread was ooohed and aaahed at by all – oh and don’t forget the Ice-cream cake from Coles.  These kids and their guests want quality food (thanks very much Masterchef) and the decor needs to more than a pack of 20 balloons strung up with sticky tape.  So, this post is here to help parents find some inspiration to impress your kids and yourself!

Note: We found most of these ideas on Pintereset and Etsy and is a bit of an ecclectic mix.  We will work on some focus theme posts to put up at a later date.

Oreo Pops - too easy! Ribbon TentYou can make these Garlands yourself