It’s all about the shoe!

I clearly remember the boredom when shopping for my wedding day shoes.  Back then it was all about comfort.  Will you be able to stand in them all day? Make sure the heel isn’t too high. You need to be able to dance in them and they have to be WHITE!  Well not any more, thank goodness!

Add some spunk to your wedding day shoe. Choose your favourite colour, blend them in with your theme.  Check out these looks we like. We are all about the shoe today.

Coloured wedding shoes


Get into the Olympic Spirit

For some reason this year I was really looking forward to the London Olympics. I was counting down the days to the Olympic Ceromony and even considered setting the alarm clock to watch all of the finals live! (I didn’t by the way).  Even though the Aussies haven’t been dominating the pool and our medal count is lower than expected, I’m still loving the Olympic spirit and have found some pics of some Olympic looks to help you to get into the spirit of the games.

Get into the Olympic spirit with this ecclectic mix


  1. Vintage Sports Bag from Etsy – love the style of this bag, perfect Olympic accessory
  2. Olympic shorts from the 70’s – these are just so cute.
  3. Olympic Coloured Rings iphone case – why not!
  4. Union Jack Skull Clutch – it is the London Olympics after all – this cool even if you are an Aussie!
  5. Olympic themed apron – for those housewives out there that want to get into the Olympics from home.