Ambiant Lighting

It is a fabulous time of year to have an outdoor wedding reception.  If you know someone with property or you know of a local area for hire where you are able to erect a marquee or tee-pee (love these), then it is definitely an option worth considering.  The best bit about an outdoor wedding happens when sun goes down.  This is where  your lighting choices become really important.  The images below from a great blog : should give you some inspiration.  Think of open fires, lanterns floating through the sky – or on a pond if there is one nearby, beautiful star-lit skies with your dance floor underneath and a sprinkling of fairy lights or lanterns to guide people throughout the event – ahh it’s heavenly.


Wedding Invitations

I just saw the funniest thing on the TV!  It was the groom from the new show ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ telephoning everyone inviting them to his wedding instead of sending out a beautiful paper invitation – geez men!  But far out it was funny.

So this post is a tribute to the classic wedding invite – and I hope that the telephone trend doesn’t take off – or what about if it was a text!!! NOOOOOO!

Wedding Invitations


Invite 1 – Invite 2 – Invite 3 – Invite 4 – Invite 5 – Invite 6 – Invite 7 – Invite 8

It’s all about the shoe!

I clearly remember the boredom when shopping for my wedding day shoes.  Back then it was all about comfort.  Will you be able to stand in them all day? Make sure the heel isn’t too high. You need to be able to dance in them and they have to be WHITE!  Well not any more, thank goodness!

Add some spunk to your wedding day shoe. Choose your favourite colour, blend them in with your theme.  Check out these looks we like. We are all about the shoe today.

Coloured wedding shoes